The Facts


It’s easy to dismiss the term “sex industry” as being something rural, underground, made up, or only existent in underdeveloped nations. But it’s not—it’s overseas, it’s in the US and it’s right in your very community.


  • There are estimated to be 27 million slaves worldwide.
  • This industry brings in $32 billion a year, and those numbers are increasing daily.
  • Reportedly, 161 countries are affected by human trafficking as either sources, transit centers or destinations.
  • 80% of trafficked victims are women. More and more young girls and women are being sold, trafficked, or forced into prostitution.
  • The average age of trafficking victims worldwide is 12 years old. This is why we must take a stand now!

Our Challenge is complex and enormous. Not only must Freedom 4/24 combat a powerful industry, but we must seek to create relationships with the women and children who are enslaved in it, in order to bring them an opportunity for freedom. We also seek to empower and educate the women and children so they can begin to impact attitudes and customs that currently lead to women being treated as property and often considered “disposable.”


To learn more about sexual exploitation and human trafficking, visit our resources page.